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genLend is borrowing some gear from you, the owner, and in turn we are lending it to people out in Hawkes Bay who need it due to flooding.  We recognize that borrowing gear is a privilege and seek to respect the trust that you place in us.

genLend will make strong efforts to have the equipment looked after.   However, you need to recognise that this equipment is being lent to people whose houses have been devastated by floods.  Equipment is going into “hostile” places, places where there may be rain and water and silt.  We have had to use boats and 4-wheel drive vehicles to get gear into places for people to use.

genLend does not control the sites where this equipment is going, and we cannot guarantee the security of your equipment.  These are extraordinary circumstances and it’s an “all care and no responsibility” situation.

We will make strong efforts to avoid damaging your equipment, but the gear is going to be used, and it may break or get damaged.  We will take care to replace oil and service where possible to keep it in good condition, and we work to keep in touch with the borrowers.

genLend will make a good faith effort to return the borrowed equipment within a reasonable amount of time, we think a “reasonable amount of time” is 2 months.


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