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We are meeting a specific need for small machinery and equipment to power the clean up. 

We are after:

  • Small generators

  • Petrol pumps

  • Pressure washers

  • Small excavators & bobcats

…and empty petrol cans to supply the above!

Register your gear below and we’ll be in touch to talk details.  We can arrange the pick-up and delivery if required, and then return the gear back to you.  If you’re happy to donate gear, that’s awesome, we’ll take that too!


Loan or donate anything from a digger, an empty petrol can or more to help the clean up in Hawke's Bay. 


While we focus on the equipment to help the cleaning up, there are many fabulous agencies taking donations of all kinds, and coordinating volunteers.  


I've got a digger you can use, but I'd want to operate it...

Owner operated equipment would be most welcome. We can help arrange accommodation if you need it too.

I have a generator, but it's broken. Can you use that?

We need to get gear into the field asap, so please only offer gear in good working order. 

I have gear, how do I get it to you?

Once you register your gear we will be in touch to discuss arrangements. If you're able to deliver it that's great. If not, we can arrange pick up. 


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