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Community initiative provides generators and gear for flood relief

The first delivery has arrived for a community initiative launched to bring generators, pumps and small diggers from around the country into Hawkes Bay as part of the disaster response.

genLEND was developed at Saint Andrews Church in Hastings as a tangible way for people across the country to help power the recovery of Hawke's Bay communities ravaged by Cyclone Gabrielle.

Top blokes Ross and his mate arrived in Hastings last night around 1am to drop-off a 10kVA generator. They drove 4 hours to drop it off and, after a cup of coffee, they turned around and drove home.

This unit is being ready to go out into the field today, and genLend is arranging other deliveries from all over the North Island. They hope word will spread about this unique initiative.

“It’s a bit like a toy library. If you own a bit of gear and can lend it to us for a couple of weeks, then we want to know,” says Rev Jill McDonald, Senior Minister at Saint Andrews.

“If you’re a farmer or tradie or somebody who is prepared for everything, search your heart and your shed to see what you can spare,” she said.

genLend can arrange the pick-up and delivery, and then return the gear back to owners.

“If you want to come to Hawkes Bay with your equipment and need accommodation, we can help with that too,” Rev Jill said.

Help is also being accepted in the form of donations for fuel, transport and insurance.

Rev Jill says they came up with the idea Friday and are working quickly to match equipment with the urgent need.

The initiative has also garnered support and partnerships from NZ Apples and Pears, Farmlands, Federated Farmers and Hawkes Bay Rotary Clubs and Hastings District Council.

"Amazing what happens when you have an idea and call a few people who are keen to do something,” she said.

People can register their equipment online at:


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